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Luca Fury is the owner and operator of Fury’s Fight Picks, the leader in MMA betting advice. When Fury was only 22 years old, he became a professional sports bettor. After working several years as full time pro, Fury realized that he should share his insight with others who enjoy MMA fighting. Fury’s Fight Picks currently has the longest running and most profitable MMA betting tips record in the industry—a testament to Fury’s hard work, dedication, and knowledge of the sport.

At the moment Fury’s Fight Picks has the longest running and most profitable MMA betting advice record in the industry. Fury’s record is a result of his years of experience as a professional sports better. One of Luca Fury’s interests outside of sports betting is pursuing other investment opportunities. Today Fury applies the lessons that he learned with sports betting to the world of investing.

Becoming a successful investor or a successful professional bettor both require careful research. Also, success in both areas does not occur overnight. It takes patience to succeed, and you must learn from the mistakes that you make. Luca Fury created Fury’s Fight Picks so that others could benefit from his betting knowledge without having to devote countless hours to research the way that he regularly does.

Luca Fury takes the same dedication that he has for professional betting and applies it to the world of investing. It’s impossible to achieve profit with your investments unless you conduct the proper research, ask questions, and take your time to understand how the markets works.

Fury currently focuses on investing in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum and others), the stock market and property. Fury encourages investors who are just starting out in any category to learn as much as they can about its industry before risking so much as a penny.

Not everyone can say that their job is their passion in life. Fury realizes how fortunate he is to make money from something that he genuinely enjoys doing. Outside of work Fury is typically watching sports, a hobby that isn’t far removed from his profession. In many ways, Fury is a workaholic, and he is proud of this fact. It’s one of the reasons why Fury’s Fight Picks has been so successful. With investing and business it’s important to be dedicated if you want to attain success.

The best advice that Luca Fury can give to new investors or aspiring business owners is that you should only pursue something that you are both talented at and have a passion for. Both of these traits must be present for a business to succeed. For new investors, this means you should take the time to find out what investments are right for you and your situation. Rushing into investing without doing the necessary research is never a wise move.

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